Our Bars

Constructed of stainless steel, each bar module is 5 foot in length and gloss black. With 2 ice wells and a speedrail, each module is an individual workstation designed to provide high-speed cocktail service. The bars are foldable and lightweight, so can be introduced to any location, indoors or out. With corner sections attached, the bar modules can be shaped into several formats – straight bars, horseshoe or an island in order to best suit the location and theme.

Back Bars

We can supply shelf fridges depending on your requirements and are happy to have your company branding as a back drop.


  • Our bars are built in 5ft sections, each section being a complete workstation with ice well, speed rail, power point and shelving. Each section can be joined together to create one long bar or we can add corner sections to create a horseshoe bar or a circular island bar.
  • Our foldable / collapsible bars are an ideal option where access is restricted. With easier portability they are also ideal to hire on their own as they can fit in the back of an estate car if you wish to save on delivery costs.